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We all have a swing. Some different than others but with the same concept in mind…get the ball to the hole in the least amount of strokes possible. Sounds simple…but can be a very complex task without understanding the basics to getting that little ball to the hole.


Teaching History

Earned Assistant Professional status with the PGA of Canada.

Received Class “A” Associate Professional with the PGA of Canada.

Director of Instruction at Sawmill Golf Course.

Awarded first U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 World-wide Coach.

Nominated PGA of Ontario “Junior Leader of the Year” Award.

Awarded second U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 World wide Coach.

Became third Canadian to earn U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Master Coach.

Modern Technology - Traditional Approach

Technology today is all around us in everything we do. Golf is no exception. With adding launch monitors and multiple biomechanical technologies, this helps any individual, at any level to learn to play this game. The technologies help educate and allow the student to understand what they do and what they should be doing.

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PGA Canada

Member of the PGA of Canada since 1998. 25 years in 2023. Received Class “A” designation in 2004.

U.S. Kids Golf Foundation

Earned the distinction of US Kids Master Golf Coach by winning the Top 50 Kids World Wide Award three consecutive times. Certified since 2016.


CoachNow is a retention app for creating post-lesson video reviews.

V1 Sports

Swing analysis solution that allows the instructor a powerful combination of live video capture, swing analysis, graphic overlay, and lesson creation with various delivery tools.

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