Teaching Philosophy

Brody Whetham, PGA of Canada Professional

We all have a swing. Some different than others but with the same concept in mind…get the ball to the hole in the least amount of strokes possible. Read quick hits no deposit bonus codes. Sounds simple…but can be a very complex task without understanding the basics to getting that little ball to the hole.

The meaning of insanity is “repeating something over and over and expecting a different result.” Yes that is crazy! But with understanding that we all learn in different ways it is important that we understand WHY. No one likes change, but with change comes failure from adjustment until we generate a new sense of confidence and understanding. We are going to make mistakes! Einstein has said “anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” When we understand why the ball goes in a certain direction we need to get to the root of the problem at hand. By using a proactive approach, we do not use a “band aid” to repair the issue but break it down to where the student can make an adjustment with the simpleist of methods.  That is a rational and healthy approach to any situation.

The game of golf is not a game that we just pick up a club and swing, but a game where we pick up that exact club and learn HOW to swing. Once we learn HOW and WHY, we answer many questions and build confidence. Confidence build character and most of all FUN!

At the end of the day it is a game…enjoy it for a lifetime!


Brody turned professional in 1998 (20 years this year!) completing his PGA of Canada apprenticeship in the Niagara region. With having a large variety of experiences in the industry, he has always had a great interest introducing many people to the game and developing many players play their best golf of their lives. Whether you are a parent wanting to have your son or daughter touch the club for the first time or a seasoned veteran looking to drop some strokes off your game, his knowledge and communication skills are relevant to whomever he teaches. His fun and friendly demeanor makes every lesson enjoyable and informative, creating a lasting relationship with each student along the way.

  • PGA of Canada Class “A” Professional, Teaching Professional & Owner, Niagaragolfpro.com Academy
  • Past Director of Operations Hunters Pointe Golf Course, Welland, ON
  • Past Head Golf Professional /Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Twenty Valley GCC,
  • Past Head Golf Professional/General Manager, Paris Grand CC
  • Past Head Golf Professional/General Manager, Parry Sound GCC
  • Past Assistant Professional at Grand Niagara CC, Peninsula Lakes GC & St. Catharines GCC


Niagaragolfpro.com Academy has two facilities where it runs programs.

During the golf season all programs are conducted at Sawmill Golf Course. 2018 will be the Niagaragolfpro.com Academy`s 3rd season at Sawmill Golf Course. The facility is a busy semi-private club with a growing membership, active leagues, and excellent practice facilities. Sawmill is located in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula in Fenwick, Ontario. The junior program has quickly grown into one of Niagara’s finest and provides lessons to over 180 kids each summer with the academy providing instruction to a majority of the programs.  The course is also home to many successful local charity and business tournaments and we regularly host competitive junior, amateur and pro events.

During the off season, winter programs are conducted at Niagara Golf Warehouse in St. Catharines, Ontario. The retail store has been a staple for the Niagara golf industry for over 30 years. Having the latest Flightscope golf ball radar technology it provides a great opportunity for those looking to improve over the winter months. The academy uses Niagara Golf Warehouse as their preferred club fitter.


  • PGA of Canada Class “A” Professional (pgaofcanada.com)
  • United States Kids Golf Certified Coach (uskidsgolf.com)
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Fitness Instructor (mytpi.com)
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Junior Level 2 (J2) Coach (mytpi.com)
  • Positive Coaching Alliance Certified Coach (positivecoach.org)
  • Level III Teaching & Coaching Certification Program (pgaofcanada.com)
  • Ping Golf certified club fitter

20 years experience in teaching thousands of hours lessons to players of all levels including:

  •  Junior (all levels from intro to advanced Junior players)
  • Beginner,
  •  intermediate,
  •  advanced,
  •  collegiate golfers and
  •  fellow professionals
  • Specialize in introducing ladies and juniors to the game of golf through informative group lesson programs
  • Niagara District PGA Tour Winner

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