The weather is getting cooler and the temptation to hide the clubs in the closet and wrap ourselves up in a blanket by the television watching the PGA Tour play in warm places sounds nice!  Several decades ago it was normal to put away your clubs for the entire winter, but now, we know better as simulator and golf ball radar technology improves and the appearance of indoor facilities and hitting nets allows us to play year round.

The absolute best time of the whole year for making any real changes in swing technique is NOW. Why? Because we are going to be playing a lot less which allows more time to focus on understanding our swing and short game instead of just hoping for a good golf score!

Maybe it’s that inside takeaway, or that hip sway, or that over the top move that kept you from playing your best this year.  It won’t just magically go away just because you stop playing or practicing. It will go away if you understand what you are doing, what you need to do to change and then learn how to make those changes. With change comes adjustment with new feels and motions but understanding your swing flaw first, then learning how to make change is health and allows us to get to the root of the issue rather than a band-aid approach.

I always use the quote by PGA Teaching Professional, Martin Hall from the Golf Channel:

“If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting”

This quote is so true not only in golf but anything we do. Change is not fun and takes us out of our comfort zone. Being uncomfortable is healthy for improving yourself and your game!

This program is designed to get your game back and ready to go for the 2019 golf season. With the use of the latest technology, video analysis and training aids lets get you back on track to play your best.

All sessions will be completed at:

Niagara Golf Warehouse,

10 Dunlop Drive, St. Catharines, Ontario,


All sessions will include the use of the following:

  • Niagara Golf Warehouse golf simulator  and hitting bay rental
  • Flightscope launch monitor
  • Coaching V1 Video Analysis software
  • access to my “CoachNow” Coaching app for lesson references (all lessons include a 2-4 minute video lesson review)
  • Various swing training aids

Duration:  45-60 minutes/session


There will be three packages available:

  • 3 sessions – $195.00 ($65.00 per session)
  • 5 sessions – $300.00** ($60.00 per sessions)
  • 10 sessions – $550.00** ($55.00 per session)

Payment and booking of sessions:

To book your position this winter 50% is due at time of signing and remainder due at first session. Lessons will be set on a set day and time weekly. Payment may be made through e-transfer, cheque or cash.

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