2022 Winter Junior Program



To introduce, develop and involve kids to be able to enjoy the game of golf through interactive game based learning, positive atmosphere and golf related skills that will last a lifetime of fun with family and friends.


This program is for all junior golfers looking to improve their golf game over the winter months. This winter, 2 programs are included as part of the winter academy. The programs are 12 weeks in duration* and begin the first week of January 2022 (or earlier if requested). The programs are as follows:

1.) Junior Entry Level Learning Programs

Golf is a fun game that can be played throughout our lives. To help juniors more easily learn the key fundamentals of the game, the academy has adopted the U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program. This program consists of multiple levels of advancement. The difficulty increases as the junior advances through each level with an instructor guiding them along the way as they learn the 5 core areas of golf! As the junior progresses, incentives will be provided as they complete specific areas of the program. This is all done through FUN game based learning and coaching over a 12 week program.*

In order to pass a level specific checkpoint testing for putting, around the green, full swing, knowledge of the game and scoring will be required to pass. These are all measurable results so the parent(s) can be involved and see how their little golfer is progressing! Scoring test will be completed at Sawmill Golf Course in the spring

*Levels are estimated to take 12 weeks to a full golf season based on levels acquired.

2.) New Competitor & Performance Program 

This is the sixth season of this program with the encouragement of junior golfers to enter into. or enhance, their ability to play competitive golf. This past season the Academy produced 22 boys and girls playing on the Niagara District Junior Golf Tour and also participated in the U.S. Kids Niagara Tour, Maple Leaf Junior Tour, Canadian Junior Golf Association and Golf Ontario tournaments.

*Further options – New competitors will have the opportunity to be provided with further coaching guidance with season long competition calendar and preparation checklists, practice schedules and post event debriefings. Please inquire for details.

What is included?

12 sessions based at a set time on availability and schedule on a weekly basis. Lesson program will include all  fundamentals of the game to improve and be ready for the spring golf season and preparation for tour qualifiers and events.

All students will have access to the following during the program as required:

Duration: 50+ minutes

Price: 12 sessions $720.00 inclusive

Payment and booking of sessions:

To book your juniors position 50% is due at time of signing and remainder due at first session. To schedule your juniors sessions we will select a given day and time weekly. Payment may be made through e-transfer, cheque or cash.

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