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I achieved my goal and broke 90 yesterday. Since our lessons I have cut my handicap by 11 strokes in tournament play and have improved my putting and ball striking immensely. Just wanted to say thank-you for helping me achieve my goal ….

Carolan Clague, Welland (member of Sawmill GC

Hi Brody…..
So happy with my game since I took those three lessons from you. The improvement has been amazing. I will never be a scratch golfer but I’ve got my swing back and am using my driver on a regular basis. Hitting it straight and getting great distance for an old guy. My golfing buddies can’t believe the difference. Had 2 birdies st Southbrook today. Lol. My  confidence is back.
Thanks again!

Ron Ardito, St. Catharines

…We both looked at each other and we were like THAT was so much FUN!. With being a new golfer my boyfriend and I even at different playing levels had a blast. Simple, timely conversations explaining WHY the ball goes in the direction it goes makes learning that much easier. We love his approach to teaching.

Kyla Snedden & Mark Olszewski, Beamsville, Ontario

Brody is a fantastic instructor. I have had lessons with him and he really makes it easy to understand your own game and make the smallest tweaks the biggest difference. Go see this guy….you wont be disappointed.

Jeremy Wickman, Smithville, Ontario

We have taken golf lessons from Brody for the last two years and have had a number of friends work with him as well.Brody is not a “one swing fits all” instructor. He takes time to evaluate each client, understands their expectations and assess’ s their physical limitations. His approach to teaching is to really understand who he is dealing with and determine what they want to achieve. Brody is good at reminding his students that golf is not just about the
“swing” and that becoming a better player encompasses an individual’s goals, beliefs and dedication to change. Brody appreciates that his students are not interested in becoming tour pros and that on average we just want to enjoy the game and score better. Brody is a good technical coach and is very mindful of the challenges that “changing your swing” create. Constant support and a caring attitude are some of his many attributes.
Brody is a thoughtful, hard working, energetic coach and really cares about his students. His positive energy is contagious and it is clear that he loves his job as a professional golf instructor. We would highly recommend him as a golf coach.

Christina and Graham Rennie, Beamsville, Ontario

Take Some Strokes Off Your Game!

Let’s Work on it Together

We all have a swing. Some different than others but with the same concept in mind…get the ball to the hole in the least amount of strokes possible. Sounds simple…but can be a very complex task without understanding the basics to getting that little ball to the hole.

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  • January 21, 2018

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