Covid 19 – Protocols for Golf Instruction

The below requirements outlined below are providing basic information for all private instructional programs at Sawmill Golf Course. Please read, understand and be courteous to these requests so all of us can work, learn and play in a safe and healthy environment.


Students shall bring their own hand sanitizer with them for their own use before and after their session for following proper safety protocols,

Instructors shall ask students if they are not feeling “up to par”(see Covid 19 symptoms) or been home for less than 14 days from out of country. If the student is not feeling well, he/she shall contact the instructor prior to the lesson time and request the lesson be rebooked to a later date,

Outdoor: Non-medical grade masks/coverings WILL NOT BE mandatory by both student and instructor. All instructors will have one at all times and use as necessary. Students may provide their own mask for their own personal safety.

Indoor: Non-medical grade masks/coverings WILL BE mandatory by both student and instructor at all times when inside the clubhouse.

            No Touch Policy:

Instructors shall not touch any student`s equipment or have direct physical contact with the student. Alignment sticks may be used to help push, pull, move students body into position based on social distancing,

Students shall not touch a bucket or barrel of balls. The instructor will provide and refill balls as necessary,

Short game sessions (chipping & pitching) may use range balls but students shall not handle any balls with their hands to help pick up and reset stations. A shag bag (or two) for ball pick up will be used by the instructor,

Students shall use their own golf balls for putting sessions.


Group instruction: Individuals shall not share equipment between others in any group,

Training aids will be thoroughly disinfected between lessons. Use of household disinfectants will be used,

Session times are exactly 50 minutes in duration with 10 minutes between sessions for resetting, hand cleaning and equipment disinfection and to minimize crossover of students,

Student will wash their hands with sanitizer (or soap) immediately after the session has ended. This is to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

            Driving Range, Chipping Areas and Putting Greens:

All swing, chipping and putting stations will be arranged to allow for physical distancing,

Outdoor: Range balls will be cleaned and disinfected before being redistributed.

Indoor: A selective number of balls will be cleaned and disinfected before being used by the student. Those same balls will be used for the entirety of the lesson

We anticipate you learning and enjoying yourself in a safe and healthy environment. Have Fun!


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