Winter Adult Program

Why winter training?

The weather is getting cooler and the temptation to hide the clubs in the closet and wrap ourselves up in a blanket by the television watching the PGA Tour play in warm places sounds nice! Several decades ago it was normal to put away your clubs for the entire winter, but now, we know better as simulator and golf ball radar technology improves and the appearance of indoor facilities and hitting nets allows us to play year round.
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The absolute best time of the whole year for making any real changes in swing technique is NOW. Why? Because we are going to be playing a lot less which allows more time to focus on understanding our swing and short game instead of just “hoping and praying” for a good golf swing, putt, chip or score! Maybe it’s that inside takeaway, or that hip sway, or that over the top move that kept you from playing your best this year. It won’t just magically go away just because you stop playing or practicing. It will go away if you learn how to change it and start doing something different. Change is not easy, in anything we do, but if we understand what happens and why the result occurs it makes it easier to learn the changes necessary. This is a healthy way to learn and improve efficiently.

Facility and benefits

The academy’s winter home is located at Sawmill Golf Course in Fenwick, Ontario. The teaching facility has a single hitting bay with state of the art Flightscope golf ball radar system. In combination utilizing other technologies such as Coaching V1 swing analysis software, Boditrak pressure mat, Hackmotion wrist sensor, CoachNow Coaching app and Blast Motion as well as numerous teaching aids, this program is designed to get your game back and ready to go for the 2022 golf season.



ARE REQUIRED TO BE FULLY VACCINATED TO ENTER THE FACILITY. to more detailed adviceYou’re able to obtain more in depth details quick hit free coins.


Adult Winter Pricing

See details below.

Junior Winter Program Pricing

For details on the junior program click here

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    All sessions will be completed at:

    Sawmill Golf Course

    356 Sawmill Road, Fenwick, Ontario

    All sessions will include the use of the following:

    Flightscope launch monitor

    Coaching V1 Video Analysis software 

    Access to my “CoachNow” coaching app for lesson references (all lessons include a 2-4 minute video lesson review)

    Boditrak Pressure Mat and Hackmotion Wrist Sensor

    Various swing training aids

    Complimentary range balls

    *All sessions to be completed by the start of golf season



    The perfect plan for you

    To book your position this winter 50% is due at time of signing and remainder due at first session.

    Lessons will be set on a set day and time weekly. Payment may be made through e-transfer, cheque or cash. Credit card payment coming soon!

    5 SESSION BIWEEKLY PROGRAM$375.00** ($75 Per Session)

    • 55 Minutes – Biweekly
    • Flightscope Launch Monitor
    • Boditrak Pressure Mat
    • Hackmotion Wrist Sensor
    • Coaching V1 Video Analysis software
    • Various swing training aids
    • Complimentary range balls

    10 SESSION WEEKLY PROGRAM$700.00**($70 Per Session)

    • 55 Minutes – Weekly
    • Flightscope Launch Monitor
    • Boditrak Pressure Mat
    • Hackmotion Wrist Sensor
    • Coaching V1 Video Analysis software
    • Various swing training aids
    • Complimentary range balls

    Take Some Strokes Off Your Game!

    Let’s Work on it Together

    We all have a swing. Some different than others but with the same concept in mind…get the ball to the hole in the least amount of strokes possible. Sounds simple…but can be a very complex task without understanding the basics to getting that little ball to the hole.

    PGA Professional

    Brody turned professional in 1998 (20 years this year!) completing his PGA of Canada apprenticeship in the Niagara region. With having a large variety of experiences in the industry, he has always had a great interest introducing many people to the game and developing many players play their best golf of their lives.

    Instructing ALL Ages

    Whether you are a parent wanting to have your son or daughter touch the club for the first time or a seasoned veteran looking to drop some strokes off your game, his knowledge and communication skills are relevant to whomever he teaches.

    Improving All Year Long

    Accessing some of Niagara’s finest courses during the warmer months is definitely a perk of working with a PGA of Canada Professional. But the work does not stop when the weather turns on us. We take things to some of the most sophisticated indoor simulators to keep your game sharp all year!

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    • January 25, 2017

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