High Performance Junior Program

Next Level Junior Program

Want to play a the highest levels of junior golf? This program is for a select number of committed junior golfers who is striving to play their best! The program is designed for players who are or will be playing tournament golf at the regional and provincial tournaments and are ready to take their game to “next level”.

Minimum criteria to participate in this exclusive program is to be playing in any of the following:

  • Maple Leaf Junior Tour (MJT)
  • Canadian Junior Golf Association(CJGA
  • Golf Ontario provincial qualifiers and championships (gao.ca)
What does this program entail?

24 – Year round Private “1 on 1” instructional sessions 

Year round instruction (with a break at the end of the season) is vital to get to the next level. Off season training gives the student the ability to improve on all areas of their golf games in preparation to hit the next golf season running! Instruction is scheduled on a set day and time weekly for consistency. 12 sessions will be scheduled through the winter and additional 12 through the summer months.

5 – 9 hole “on course” management sessions

Once golf season has arrived we get onto the course asap!! Its great working on hitting balls, putting and chipping but to get to the next level we need to apply this information on the course and learn to play the game. These sessions will be scheduled on a set day and time with other juniors in the program

2024 Tournament “on site” practice round preparation

How do we play a practice round? Seeing the course prior to an event is super important and puts you in a position to be able to make the best decision possible. Many tournaments will be allowing for practice rounds especially for bigger events at the provincial level qualifying and championships. Discussions on preparation for events and being “game ready” as well as understanding the lay of the land at the tournament will be outlined or the student. Examples such as “How fast are the greens?” and “What is the best line off the tee on the Par 5?” are simple questions but need to be noted in advance of the event rather than make a management mistake due to lack of preparation.

During the season the student will be able to utilize myself 2 times during the season. Priority will be given to provincial qualification and championships. Anticipation is to have students book practice rounds together to utilize a group effort and team communication.

Pre tournament use of Decade Golf will be discussed at the planning session. This app is an additional cost and can be a very useful tool to be ready for your practice and tournament rounds

2024 Goal setting and planning session

Creating goals and planning on how we are going to achieve these goals is vital to having a successful season.  By meeting before our first session of the off season we set the goals corresponding performance and process objectives to be successful. The “goal pyramid” will be revisited through the season to reinforce “the plan” and to stay on track.

2024 Tournament and Practice calendar creation

This calendar will be the “nuts and bolts” of the season outlining at a glance all events and practice times allocated through the season. With setting the calendar we can see if we are light or heavy in certain areas of the season and adjust to avoid burnout and ability to be fresh for big events. The calendar will be revisited in conjunction with the mid season goal setting session.

Equipment Assessment

Does your equipment work for you? Is the driver the right shaft? Is the lie angle correct and consistent through all your irons and wedges? Having the correct “fitted” equipment is vital to being successful. Club fitting will be arranged based on your equipment needs using Sawmill Golf Course and Niagara Golf Warehouse as outlets to making sure you equipment is best suited for the student.

*Additional fees may be required in addition to the initial fitting based on requirements needed.

Learn About Brody

Learn about what drew Brody to the game of golf, and what's keeping him in it!

Pricing – Inquire for details and payment plans for this program

Optional additions to Perform at an even higher level (all are additional fees based on needs of the student:

Fitness assessments and programs 

Get stronger, faster and leaner to play your best! 25 years ago “golf” and “fitness” were rarely noted in the same sentence. Not now…and not for those who want to get to that next Level. Fitness has introduced a tremendous opportunity to play better and minimize injury.

*Additional fees apply

Mental coaching opportunities  

Not only do we train our bodies but we train our minds to be able to deal with those situations on the course. In order to play well you have to believe you CAN play well! Create and play with confidence vs playing with fear. Having a positive mindset creates the ability to have an edge on the competition

Medical maintenance and injury prevention

Unfortunately golf injuries happen! Having a certified healthcare provider is critical to helping golfers maximize both performance and durability. Research suggests that 50% of serious golfers have had physical issues blocking their ability to play their best.

Post secondary Scholarship planning  communications

How do we start the process in getting noticed by schools in the United States and Canada? Discussions  will be able to outline the intentions of the student and provided further information as needed to provide the best opportunity for post secondary education.

PGA Canada

Member of the PGA of Canada since 1998. 25 years in 2023. Received Class “A” designation in 2004.

U.S. Kids Golf Foundation

Earned the distinction of US Kids Master Golf Coach by winning the Top 50 Kids World Wide Award three consecutive times. Certified since 2016.

V1 Sports

V1 Sports is a swing analysis software solution that allows the instructor a powerful combination of live video capture, swing analysis, graphic overlay, and lesson creation with various delivery tools. The V1 software interfaces with the Boditrak pressure mat.


CoachNow is a retention app for creating post-lesson video reviews. This retention tool allows for the student and the instructor to be able to access their “training space” providing the ability to recap what they need to improve.


The GCQuad is the world's most accurate, versatile, and complete launch monitor on the market. As the only launch monitor in the industry to utilize Quadrascopic imaging, the GCQuad delivers the most accurate detailed picture of ball and club head performance analysis. With repeatable and reliable data indoors and out, the GCQuad is a three-time Golf Digest Editors' Choice Award Winner for a reason.


Want to get better faster? BodiTrak is a biomechanical pressure mat technology that helps all levels of golfers understand how to use the ground. This solution easily drills down to the key root issues of a students swing and ball flight with real time data.


Hackmotion is the ultimate training tool to learn correct wrist mechanics for an improved ball flight. Precise data and feedback after every swing helps you accelerate the learning process.

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

A motion assessment certification creating an evaluation of a golfers physical limitations.

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